KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer Review


The well-known Galaxy vaporizer by KandyPens has been recognized by the vaping community for its unmatched quality and performance. Due to its success, this particular vape model has been established as the standard of all the wax pen vaporizers.

Most of the vaporizers follow a certain way of manufacturing but the Galaxy has broken through that to expand its features, specifications and be the leading vaporizer out there. We can write words to express the sensation it offers. But, why explain when you can experience it for yourself?


KandyPens spent a lot of time designing the infamous Galaxy vaporizer and its name is only fitting since it was astronomically inspired. Wax pens are very hip and trendy these days but the Galaxy vaporizer is cutting-edge due to its design and style. It’s like holding the key to happiness in your hands without slipping, because of its firm grip coating. Take a closer look at the enamel. It’s sparkly and glossy to achieve that out-of-this-world style. The accents are gold and offer classy elegance that makes you want to grab it without hesitation or shame.


Daily usage causes wear and tear, that is why KandyPens have gone through various processes and tests to ensure the longevity of the Galaxy vaporizer.  Manufactured with a sleek coating for easy storage and portability. Built with sturdy and high-quality materials for overall unmatched quality. All the parts are intact and this means there will be no spilling or tragically losing parts when dropped. Ironically, you can feel the ruggedness it can withstand with its smooth exterior.


One of the factors that make this vaporizer the best of the best, is due to its customizable and advanced temperature control settings. The Galaxy line was set apart from the rest because it is the first wax vaporizer to have this unique feature. With this, you can choose between three settings and toggle the preset heat to accommodate your need.

For those of you who want huge chunks of clouds, a higher temperature setting is suggested since it produces powerful and stronger hits. But for those who want much more subtle and smoother hits, the low-temperature setting is best. It offers more flavor since it preserves concentrates compared to the aforementioned setting.  

The greatest thing that users love about the Galaxy is it’s distinguishing color system that lets you check or monitor the level of temperature. When it turns Red, it means that you are using the lowest temperature setting with 350° or lower. Green signifies 390° or anywhere around the middle and lastly, Blue lets you known you are already using the highest temperature with a maximum of 430°F.

For your convenience, KandyPens made this a quick-heating vaporizer. It boasts an unbeatable 5 second record and requires lesser preparation compared to other vapes. It also has an automatic shut-off feature. No  need to worry about accidental firing because when unused, the vaporizer turns of after 10 seconds making it the most battery efficient and effortless vaporizer in the market. It is definitely an on-the-go vaporizer that is suitable for anyone.


The Galaxy vaporizer is nothing short of perfection and the engineers have made sure of that by developing it with the advancement of science and technology. They have come up with the idea to innovate vaporizers using the conventional Quartz Crystal Atomizer technology. By strategically replacing the standard ceramic rod with an advanced quartz crystal, they’ve made a big difference in the quality and modernizing the very definition of “high-quality”. With the quartz rod and the titanium coils, not only did it affect the quality but also the flavors it produced.

The Galaxy has revolutionized the distinct flavors known to vaporizers and provides guaranteed satisfaction to its users.


The Galaxy vaporizer is not just a standard in the vaping community, it is also considered as a great investment. KandyPens is very confident and proud of the Galaxy vaporizer, just as much we are of all products in our line. And to  show just how much, we have placed a LIFETIME warranty on it for beginners and veterans’ security.

Please note the any concerns or issues about the device’s functionality and overall performance is covered by the exceptional guarantee.